Recycling Process

Knowaste has been researching and developing waste treatment technology for processing absorbent hygiene products since the 1990’s. Today our engineers have translated this experience into a custom made and practical solution for the UK market. Within an air controlled and clean working environment, we take delivery of the materials in a dedicated receiving bay. The waste is shredded, separated and using advanced thermal treatment technology, the waste material is sterilised. At this stage the super absorbent polymers are collapsed, rendered inert and the moisture is released utilising the Knowaste patented formula and process.

There follows further sort and separation of plastics and fibres and removal of contaminants. The plastics continue through granulation and multiple- washing stages before being pelletised to be used, in new products such as plastic components or as an ingredient in composite materials replacing concrete and steel. The fibres are washed, dried and processed for use in pet litter, concrete and tarmac additive, brick manufacture and insulation materials. 100 per cent of the product can be recycled with the remaining solids and liquids sent to the sewer/treatment.


See the Knowaste recycling process in action