Nursing Homes

The population in the UK is aging. People are living longer, baby boomers are retiring and the fastest growing age group is over 80. In just 20 years, the Office of National Statistics forecast that the over 65 age group will increase by 50% to over 15 million.

This means that the residential and nursing care sector is growing and with it the need to treat the wastes from these establishments in a more sustainable way.

Age UK 2010 advise: “Incontinence affects more than 1.5 million over-65s”; or 15% of that population

Hunskaar 2005 report “that urinary and faecal incontinence are particularly common in older people living in long-term care facilities such as nursing homes, where it is estimated that more than 50% of residents have urinary incontinence, faecal incontinence or both”.

Aged care facilities and nursing homes

Where appropriate for patient care, incontinence products may be used in care homes as part of bowel and bladder incontinence management. Now, thanks to Knowaste’s patented recycling technology, there is a safe and sustainable alternative to disposal in landfill or incineration for absorbent hygiene products. In a competitive market where compassion, quality customer care and dignity are hall marks of successfully run businesses, it is natural that owners and managers are placing a great deal of emphasis on making better use of resources and acting sustainably.

Knowaste, the UK’s only specialist hygiene waste recycling company, is committed to providing with managers and staff of age care facilities, and their waste contractors, with the opportunity to recycle this material and enjoy environmental benefits while maintaining a cost effective approach to waste management. Managers also recognise that their environmental credentials are likely to be noticed by their residents and their families, and can be part of the decision making for some.

If you run one or several care homes, if you are an owner manager or are a facilities manager in a larger organisation – whatever your size and business model, please contact your hygiene company to see if they are part of the Knowaste recycling option.