Hygiene & Washroom

Every day tonnes of feminine hygiene and disposable nappy/diaper waste is generated ‘away from home’ in retail, leisure and work washrooms. If you manage the washroom service contracts in your organisation or are hygiene service providers looking for a competitive edge, you will be pleased to know that there is a more sustainable solution than merely disposal to landfill. Knowaste is a specialist waste treatment company dedicated to recycling these absorbent hygiene product (AHP) wastes, diverting them from landfill and incineration and reclaiming valuable materials for re-use in new products.

Your company might offer full-service washroom management services or simply provide a sanitary waste collection and disposal service. Whatever your service, size and client base, your AHP waste is important to us and Knowaste can offer competitive gate fees. So join the vanguard of hygiene operators recycling with Knowaste and call theĀ Business Development team today.