Knowaste has set a very clear intention to be evidenced based in its approach to its operations, business development and environmental performance benchmarking. To achieve this, we punch above our weight in terms of our investment in good market data and knowledge.

In 2011, we commissioned a review of municipal waste data with leading consultants, Resource Futures, Bristol, who highlighted the best available data on tonnages of sanitary wastes within the domestic sector and offered advice on the importance of this waste stream at a household level and at a council level. The report highlighted the 750,000+ tonnes of AHP waste within the domestic sector, and ranged the importance of this to the authority as being somewhere between 4% and 7% of the kerbside waste stream.

In Dec 2010, Deloitte completed a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) comparing the environmental performance of Knowaste’s recycling process with the existing UK disposal methods for AHPs, namely landfill and incineration. Download the report here.

The main findings were significant and showed that compared to these two options, the Knowaste process emits up to 70 per cent less carbon emissions and that the West Bromwich site could save 22,536 metric tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions per year.

This equates to:

• nearly 7,500 cars removed from UK roads
• The annual carbon emissions of more than 2000 UK citizens
• Over 100,000 LCD TVs switched off

Since the 2010 LCA was commissioned, Knowaste have confirmed thequality of the output materials such that the fibres, instead of being gasified for energy generation, will be sold to re-processing and manufacturing sectors. The LCA shows that the most significant environmental benefit is derived from re-using materials that would erstwhile go to waste and which replace virgin sources.

Knowaste are committed to understanding and – wherever practicable – improving the environmental impacts of our operations. Future LCA will enable us to assess  our environmental performance as the business and technologies evolve and markets for our output materials are confirmed.

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