Hospitals & Healthcare

Knowaste is a specialist recycling facility for absorbent hygiene products which include adult incontinence pads and pants, disposable nappies/diapers and feminine hygiene products. These wastes are generated across the healthcare sector and particularly in elderly, mental health and child care units, among patients and longer term residents and are typically classified as ‘offensive” 18 01 04 or 20 01 99 coded wastes “wastes whose collection and disposal is not subject to special requirements in order to prevent infection”?

Knowaste can help healthcare waste and sustainability managers and their waste contractors in their quest to offer cost effective and more environmentally friendly solutions for offensive waste management. Much work is underway within the sector to drive efficiencies and sustainability and the recent work by the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) identifying opportunities (Freedom of Information Report on Waste Management) is just one example of this.

The RCN is not alone in highlighting that with increased identification and source segregation of offensive, non infectious wastes within the sector, clinical waste incineration can be avoided. Compaction of these wastes can lead to a reduction in frequency and increase in volume of waste handled in a given consignment which serves to lower handling costs. And now with Knowaste, valuable materials are able to be recycled from these absorbent wastes and used in new product manufacturing.

Knowaste offers considerable carbon reduction benefits compared to landfill and incineration and our competitive gate fees make us an attractive solution to the usual disposal methods. With increased pressure on health services to reduce costs, Knowaste wants to be part of the solution.