Environmental Benefits

Life Cycle Assessment

Knowaste are actively tackling climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions compared to landfill and incineration.

In Dec 2010, Deloitte reported on Knowaste’s environmental performance following the commissioning of a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of the Knowaste process compared to landfill and incineration – the usual disposal methods for absorbent hygiene wastes.

The results of the LCA, peer reviewed by a panel led by Dr Richard Murphy of Imperial College Consultants, were significant and demonstrate that the Knowaste recycling process is a lower eco-footprint alternative to landfill and incineration.

626kg of CO2e are saved for every 1 tonne of AHP waste processed with Knowaste.

For a typical 36,000 tonnes per annum plant, that is equivalent to:

• taking 7500 cars off UK roads
• the total CO2 emissions of 2000 UK citizens
• and saving over 32 Olympic sized pools or 80,000 m3 of waste heading to disposal each year

The Knowaste process is evolving and since the 2010 LCA was commissioned, Knowaste have confirmed the quality of their output materials such that the fibres, instead of being gasified for energy generation, will be sold to re-processing and manufacturing sectors. The LCA shows that the most significant environmental benefit is derived from reusing materials that would erstwhile go to waste and which can now replace virgin sources.

Working with Knowaste, the only company to make use of the valuable resources within the AHP waste stream, our customers and suppliers can be confident that they are actively tackling climate change. 

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