Baby & Childcare

Every day, childcare centres, nursery schools and private day nurseries purchase, use and dispose of thousands of disposable nappies/diapers. These wastes are often segregated by carers and staff using dedicated nappy/diaper waste bins in the baby changing room and collected by specialist hygiene service companies who maintain and manage the external collection receptacles, logistics and disposal in a safe, clean and legally compliant way.

With Knowaste, your nappy/diaper waste can now be recycled.

Knowaste works with your chosen hygiene service company. You put your segregated nappy/diaper waste out for collection as usual and your waste handler will bring that waste to Knowaste for recycling, making good use of those valuable resources.

Like you and your customers, your waste contractor is looking to do the ‘right thing’ for the environment but need convenient and cost effective solutions; working with Knowaste will meet the need for a more sustainable alternative to landfill and will do so cost effectively. Our first plant in the UK will be conveniently situated for logistics purposes and as we expand to more plants throughout the UK the convenience and capacity will increase.

For many childcare center and nursery managers, increasing recycling is a top priority in any sustainability program. And in a highly competitive market place, recycling brings other benefits such as helping to retain and attract new families and staff.